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Bonus [worth $4803]

ASM Bonus# 1: Six Months Personal Mentoring Over FB Messenger

Keep in mind that there are many moving parts to starting your new business with Amazon FBA. Although the plan offers an amazing sales machine, you still have to do everything yourself. 

Everything that needs to be done can just take over you. However, if you sign up for ASM 12, I will be your responsible partner and share with you tips from my experience that will help build a seven-digit Amazon business on a monthly basis. 

I can give you feedback on the products you want to sell and I can check your listing on Amazon to make sure it converts well and makes a sale.  And I’ll show you the strategies I used to build my business outside of Amazon and take your business to the next level.  As my ASM affiliate, you will always receive a single message upon receiving the necessary instructions or assistance.

total value : $1997/-

ASM Bonus# 2: Amazon ManyChat Bot Templates

One of the downsides to selling on Amazon is that you don’t get the customer’s email address. This makes it difficult to resell other products you sell.

One way to solve this is to use robots to send messages from Facebook, and ManyChat is the most popular platform for creating these robots.

Here are 2 robot models that you will receive as part of this bonus:


With this robot, you offer customers a random reward, such as discounts or special promotions. This motivates your customers to join your bot roster and get a new channel to communicate with the customer.


Create a viral gift with this robot. Customers will connect with your robot and receive a gift (e.g. coupon code, lead magnet).  Once inside, the robot offers extra motivation that forces them to share a link to the robot with friends. Now, your enthusiastic fans will spread the word to their friends and create a huge increase in traffic for your products.

total value : $497/-

ASM Bonus# 3: Six Months Free Of Helium 10 Platinum Tools.

Helium 10 is one of our favorite Amazon FBA products that we’ve invested in.

It is a complete set of software tools to help you start and manage your new Amazon FBA business.

These are just a few ways to help Helium10 take your FBA business to the next level.

+ Faster and more powerful product search to make it easier to check out a new Amazon product.

+ Find thousands of keywords in seconds and rank your product based on low competition phrases.

+ Write lists like professionals to sell your products faster.

The Warnings feature was also used to immediately identify hijackers. Refund Genie allows us to automate the complex process of refunding FBA money and recovering money owed. A Helium 10 Platinum plan would normally cost you $ 97 a month. But you get me 6 months of Helium 10 FREE.

total value : $582/-

ASM Bonus# 4: FeedBackFive Pro Plan Free For One Year.

I got over 15,000 reviews on Amazon, so I know it’s important to get more reviews on Amazon.

Indeed, there is a difference between a successful product and one that fails. However, getting reviews on Amazon has always been difficult. I used a service that sent multiple email streams (via Amazon) where we requested a review which worked very well until Amazon began to drastically interfere with the texts of those emails and it became very 

risky because the policy was vague and subjective. That’s why we were so excited when FeedbackFive introduced its new automatic requirements tracking feature. This will allow you to implement Amazon’s official qualification requirements with the same system located behind the requirements check button in Seller Central and it is 100% Amazon compatible.  It has helped us get more verified ratings in a completely safe and legitimate way. As part of my ASM bonus, you will get 12 months of the FeedbackFive Pro package for free. Now you get more Amazon reviews for your products than you could ever get.

total value : $360/-

ASM Bonus# 5: Done For You Product Images.

Your images are the first thing a customer sees when they visit an Amazon product page.

Having vivid and eye-catching product images is an essential part of Amazon’s best-seller list.

To help you get great photos, I give you a $ 250 credit for your products.

I will also give you a recommended photo session, but you can choose the photo you like the most

total value : $250/-

ASM Bonus# 6: Tools For Amazon And WordPress WooCommerce Website

1: Price Tracker and FBA  Calculations. Amazon Keywords tool for SellerApp. 

2: A Customized Pro Website development and Its Supports for You.

total value : $1000/-

ASM Bonus# 7: How to Attract Influencers' Email Templates.

One of the best ways to promote Your Amazon Product, is to attract the influencers of Social Media( Influences Over YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, VK, Tumbler and bloggers).  Because I have also used this Method to promote my products at that time when I took Amazing Selling Machine Course. I will Share my email Templates which I used in the PAST, so that you can easily Copy/Paste (With Slightly Modification of Words) and Attract the Influencers to Promote your product. You will also get this bonus as an added Bonus.

total value : $117/-

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